Adelaide Carta

A Sustainable and cruelty free Fashion brand!

Adelaide Carta is the luxury fashion green! Design, culture, ethics and innovation in a single product: the bag. Italian craftsmanship, local production, ecological and cruelty free materials make Adelaide bags a unique product in the Italian market.  

In 2014 the Adelaide C. brand was born with the idea of sharing the personal vision of ethically correct and cruelty free fashion, through the eyes of Sardinian designer Adelaide Carta. A new concept of trend based on a green and eco-friendly philosophy and with unique characteristics: materials without animal derivatives, corks with modern (vegetable) processing, prints (drawings inspired by the ancient art of weaving of Sardinian women), and unique colored films create the first completely vegan and made in Italy product, with a truly glamorous and fashionable style which recall its essential origins, who are guide and inspiration of every project.      

adelaide carta


Defined by unique prints, bold colors, and exclusive artistry, Adelaide Carta amalgams the vibrant history of Sardinian land and its people with an enthralling present and a purposive future, in luxurious creations of respect and pride. 

The designer’s choice for eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials such as cork and pinatex, a vegan leather derived from pineapples, showcase a bold vision of the future. A future where aesthetic and style are not compromised by protecting the animals and nature but instead augmented and improved.

adelaide carta 

Adelaide Carta World 
Hand-made Sardinian flavors by the women of the island, recalling the primary origins of ethically correct, sustainable fashion 
Discover a world of uniqueness, freedom, and positive change, from ancient Sardinian tapestries and local artisan looms 
Cruelty-free games of embossed corks and vegan leather enhanced with summer fantasies of casual, individualistic styles 
Fragrances of Italian personality in ‘green concoctions’ of rare craftsmanship, cruelty-free materials and bold chromatic contrasts 

Adelaide Carta - Fashion Ethical designer 

Adelaide Carta, founder of the eponymous young Italian brand of eco-friendly bags and accessories with the "Fashion-Green" philosophy, was born in Sardinia on October 9, 1988 and grew with the obsessive and unbridled need to "make fashion", ... her fashion, trying to reform the trivial equivalence "TRENDY = ANTI-ETHICAL".  

She began her field studies in 2010 and after several years of research and development and various projects on traditional materials, its focus is on women's accessories and in particular on eco-sustainable leather goods.  

"The clothes and accessories of dolls with which I played, were my creations and this particular attraction for everything that revolved around the field of materials for clothing, grew hand in hand with my life. Initially as self-taught, to refine skills by attending specialized institutes”. 


Buying luxury bags online is not easy, we know it well, but we personally guarantee the quality of these bags and the service offered by the brand Adelaide Carta” 



Adelaide uses Mediterranean cork for its products combined with eco leathers and synthetics of the highest quality produced 99% in Italy. They are working to ensure that these synthetics, already created with great attention to pollution, are always solvent-free, therefore with the least use of chemicals. They are also working to ensure that they can be replaced within a few seasons, with vegetable leathers that have all the same characteristics of animal skin, both in terms of duration and appearance, but in reality, derive exclusively from vegetable waste. 

All collections are made with corks, vegan leather cruelty free, derived from vegetable fibers such as pinatex (pineapple leaves), fabrics with eco-sustainable and ecological wood fibers.  

adelaide carta 


Adelaide is selected from 2018 to 2020 for all seasonal editions of the Altaroma "Showcase" event.  

In 2018 and 2019 she was chosen together with 29 other designers from all over the world for Helsinki Fashion Week: the first completely eco-sustainable FASHION WEEK in the world.  

In September 2019 it was presented at the first design Biennale in Porto, Portugal, which for its first edition hosted Italy as a pioneer of design.  

The "Adelaide C." fashion brand is chosen among many Italian Home-Product-Fashion designers, as an example of cultural, ethical and innovative fashion design, both for aesthetics and for the conceptual evolution achieved.  


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