Lobatofficial, a new ready-to-wear brand from Portugal, offering feminine, masculine and unisex pieces.


Lobatofficial is an invitation to speculation. In fact, with its mysterious universe, the brand wants to push the limits of reflection around its story and pieces, which behind an creative and minimalist aesthetic at first sight, often hide a meanining, a story, a message..........

It can be notices through the logo which highlights the "runic" style meaning, once used by the vikings and considered intriguing and enigmatic, an ideal description of the brand.

Lobatofficial Style

Lobatofficial style is a subtle blend of streetwear and dramatic codes revisited, combined with a zest of romantic gothic influences.


Authenticity True to their identity, the creation, development and production of products are 100% made in portugal. Country recognized for its know-how in the field of textiles, where working conditions are good and well supervised, and now-a-days very poular for the production of luxury brands.

Orginality Orginality and distinction are important because lobatofficial wants to give the customers this feeling of being different and unique when they wear their pieces. This is why Lobatofficial try to bring this distinctive touch to their products by carrying out specific work on aesthetic and details.

Quality Lobatoffical products are made with the best materials on the market to offer pieces that meet the expectations of the consumers.

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