Republique Joseph

Founded in 2018, the house Republique Joseph created  by Joseph Ghinozzi to reinvent the men's wardrobe.

The ready-to-wear collections Republique Joseph has a wardrobe adapted to  today's man  and  divided into two parts:

  • A top-of-the-range tie composed  ofthesegraphics with deconstructed  lines  and techniques in order to offer unique pieces that shake up the codes.
  • And a sportswear section embroidered with messages  imbued with the values of the house, inspired the street, trends and the vision of its creator.

Inspired by the influences of his mother,the jewelry designer Annie Charles who reinvents  quirky silver jewelry apart fromold pieces of francs, Republique Joseph wants to be a brand carrying the message. FREEDOM, CREATIVITY, FRATERNITY is the symbol. The brand to its own Marianne who wants to be the spokesperson  of  differences,minorities,  the unique!


The Republique Joseph wardrobe is distinguished by the singularity of its details, its originality and its sense of style. Clothes are designed, created and worked for masculine, modern and quirky silhouettes.


From design to manufacturing, the team mainly imagines clothes from unused fabric brands stock to be part  of a more responsible fashion. A pre-order system  has been put in place to limit production and this more environmental approach. The parts  are mainly made in France in small workshop in the Hautes-Alpes as well as in Portugal.

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