Fili Pari



Fili Pari is an innovative Italian Start-Up fashion brand launched in 2014 which promotes and focused on research and development of unconventional materials and fibers for the textile industry, respecting the territory, people and the environment and willing to give life to a reinterpretation of the traditional concept of fashion.  

 The Start Up is a specialist in the development of cutting-edge technologies for the enhancement of marble powders. Fili Pari aim to contribute to protect the land and valleys from the mountain's dismemberment, and encourage the use of by-products as a raw material. The project was born among the university desks of the Politecnico di Milano with the aim of telling new stories and atmospheres with an innovative and emotional flavor, introducing Italian research, design and creativity. 


Alice Zantedeschi and Francesca Pievani – Inception of FiliPari 

Leggero come il marmo: il tessuto sostenibile Fili Pari - SOLO MODA  SOSTENIBILE

Two young under 35 entrepreneurs whose collaboration started in the Design classroom at Politecnico di Milano within the Fashion System Design module, where they both graduated. The project stems from the desire to create a link between the Italian territory and the fashion industry which resulted in Fili Pari, a research and development brand of innovative materials for the textile sector. 

The name represents the anagram of Fripi and Ali, their nicknames: an immediate reference to the yarn, to the textile world, to the overall vision that characterizes the brand. 


The marbles used 
The Rosso Verona marble, typical of the north-eastern area of Verona, is characterized by precious details left over by time, such as fossils and ammonites, and alternates between light and dark shades of orange red. This results in a brilliant salmon on the membrane. 
The Black Ebony Marble, extracted from the Bergamo area, is the only marble of this color present in Italy. Its veins tell history and elegance, visible in Italian architecture, as evidenced by the columns of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice. The precious material gives the jackets an anthracite gray color. 
The Giallo Mori marble, typical of the Trentino area, is a stone typically used for street furniture, and is characterized by fabulous veins, of various colors and sizes. This results on the membrane in a beige color. 
All products are entirely Made in Italy in every phase of the process: from the selection of the marbles to their processing, up to the production of the material, transforming an industrial waste product from the Italian stone industry into a new range of textiles and approaching a circular economy. Every product is an expression of passion for artisan's know-how combined to a specific mix of advanced technology, expertise and human skill.