Discover Yarden Mitrani

The brand Yarden Mitrani is founded by a French / Israeli designer, Yarden Mitrani. Born into an artistic family. Yarden grew up surrounded by art and culture, fashion, and music. Throughout his school days, he was very extreme with his style, rebelling against the mainstream and altering his clothes to suit his own style.

While working for several big fashion houses, Yarden gained invaluable experience and learnt many different tailoring skills and high-end techniques of luxury and hautcouture.

In October 2019, Yarden’s dream was realised and his own brand was launched - YARDEN MITRANI where he introduced his first collection D. N. A. D.N.A collection contains different materials, textures and volumes, but remains in harmony with a single common thread, the shape and helix of the DNA that unites all the outfits in the collection.