Hello, it’s us Durga (kicking) & Vamshi (being kicked). We are glad to E-Meet you. We are Indian-born global citizens. After achieving a bachelor's degree in India we both started a new journey in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, as Management engineering students where we met. 
Soon after graduating as Management Engineers, we have started our professional careers. Durga has gained professional experience in the E-Commerce fashion industry as a Business Analyst and Vamshi started his career as a PLM consultant. 
In the early days of the Covid Pandemic, our conversation with an aspiring fashion designer led to the foundation of Romiflo, during which we were told the difficulties and hurdles a designer faces to showcase their work. That led us to develop a platform that helps boost the emerging brands to reach new markets and new audiences at no cost. At the same time creating a new store that is minimal and customer-centric.
We believe in taking risks which represents our confidence, we believe what we wear represents who we are, our individuality, and our Uniqueness. Our designers are highly inspired individuals who spent countless hours turning their imaginations and inspirations into reality to bring your Unique and we at Romiflo aims to connect you with such individuals so that you can explore your unique. 


With Romiflo, you can always Be Your Unique

By the way, have you wondered why the name Romiflo? The name Romiflo is named after three main fashion cities in Italy, Rome, Milano & Florence.